One-On-One Consulting

Donald McCarty and Vernon May, industry veterans of 40 years and 35 years respectively provide onsite or by-phone consulting services to telcos, internet, telecommunication and power companies and equipment developers. As well-respected experts in copper cable and how to create maximum quality bandwidth for today’s broadband demands, Donald and Vernon can help you address important copper cable issues:

Complete DSL Solutions: McCarty & May will help you resolve your DSL challenges working with your CO tech up to the blade/DSLAM and the field tech from the modem to the DSLAM to uncover and repair problems and insure you are achieving maximum DSL performance.

Technology Migration and Adoption: Engineering oversight, operations level training, system integrations and field implementation, in concert with the Project Manager. For example:

• ADSL2+ to VDSL • VDSL to Vectoring • Internet to (Internet + IPTV) • Copper to Fiber

Noise Mitigation: Help troubleshoot noise mitigation problems and locate the responsible party—is it the telco, the power company, both?

Equipment Manufacturers: As an equipment provider, are you certain you have developed the best features. Talk with Donald and Vernon who, with nearly 80 years’ collective experience working with telcos worldwide, can help you develop the best products or improve the products you have.

Donald and Vernon will provide telephone technical support and/or consulting services billed as a one-hour minimum and then in 30 minute increments. We also work on monthly retainers.

For more information, contact Susan Cain at or 408-393-4794.