McCarty 2000 Resistance Fault Simulator

Front View

The McCarty 2000 Resistance Fault Simulator and training book are designed to teach field technicians the complete operation of any resistance bridge. The RFS teaches the technician the process for using the single pair hookup and the separate good pair hook up to measure and to locate the Distance-To-Strap, the Distance-To-Fault, and the Strap-To-Fault on any resistance fault, such as a ground, a short, a crossed cable pair or a battery cross on any cable pair.

The McCarty 2000 RFS teaches the field technician how to compensate for gauge changes and temperature changes when measuring faults of different gauges and different temperatures when cables go from aerial to buried sections.

The McCarty 2000 RFS represents a mapped footage of 1427 feet of 24 gauge cable at 70 degrees from terminal #1. There is a three way splice and a lateral that is 831 feet of 24 gauge cable at 70 degrees to terminal #3 and 1927 feet of 24 gauge cable at 70 degrees to terminal #2.

A six-position mode switch will place faults on the main cable, in the three way splice or down the lateral. Testing with a VOM will identify the type of fault and the quality of the good pair or good conductor. When the field technician attaches the resistance bridge and places the far end strap, his test set will measure the Distance-To-Strap, Distance-To-Fault, and the Strap-To-Fault footage.

Inside View

By moving the test set or the strap to the end of the lateral, the measurements will show the fault on the main cable, in the three-way splice, or down the lateral. The first five problems in the associated workbook will show the proper hookup and strap for a single pair hookup or a separate good pair hookup.

The next 20 problems will make the field technician proficient in electronic isolation, measuring faults in cables with gauge changes and temperature changes. When the field technician completes the workbook he will be proficient with any resistance bridge, proficient in electronic isolation, proficient in allowing for gauge, and temperature changes in outside plant telephone cables.

There are no capacitors in the RFS. Any open meter will show 0 feet. For example, in a real world situation an open meter would show 4005 feet of cable tip and ring to ground and the RFS shows 0 feet.

The cost of the McCarty 2000 RFS with one associated workbook is $450.00 and each additional workbook is $125.00.

The McCarty 2000 RFS is available by calling McCarty Products at (503) 538-1229 or e-mail Pam Greene at